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Healing Sessions

60 minutes - $150

sliding scale available for those who need it.

My healing sessions are structured around the mind, body connection. This work
you will transform your life from being overly sensitive, perpetually anxious, exhausted,
scattered and impatient, into becoming more self-aware, confident, grounded, and more at ease.

Working with the Nervous System a bottom-up approach to Healing

Our body plays a fundamental role in our overall well-being, and its goal is to keep us in a state of balance or self-regulation. One of the body's oldest intelligence systems is our nervous system. It is complex, highly organized, and guides almost everything we do, think, say, or feel. It is how we experience our environment.

Each of us has a unique nervous system that we have developed over time. The environment where you grew up, your parents, etc., all come together to create an internal experience and how your body perceives a threat. One function of our nervous system is threat detection. The nervous system communicates by sending physical, emotional, or internally felt senses or cues that indicate threats in our environment before our minds process them cognitively. An example of this is when you touch something hot, unconsciously, and immediately your hand pulls away. Your body is the first to respond. After, the thought comes in, "That's hot. Did I burn myself?"


Often our threat response cycles become interrupted, which is attributed to trauma. A healthy threat response cycle will bring us back to being open, curious, and relaxed with our environment. Though we are no longer running from wolves, and our modern-day threats may be having back-to-back zoom meetings or tough conversations with clients, and families, for example, this work re-organizes your nervous system responses in a way that brings more resiliency and a greater window of tolerance to navigate the complexities of your individual human experience.


This work is highly individualized to meet your unique way of being that creates lasting change,

What Can This Method Help With?
This work is unique in that it addresses each person as an individual. We all have different circumstances in life, and it is not a one-size-fits-all practice. I have personally worked with this method in many facets, from fear around flying to cultivating more patience and presence with my child.
Some other questions that this work can help answer are,

  • Why is my anxiety and stress taking over my life

  • What is keeping me from feeling joy in my relationships

  • Why can't I connect to my purpose

  • Why am I feeling drained and overwhelmed

  • How can I feel more creative

  • Why is there consistent pain in my neck

  • What is keeping me from success in my business

  • Why do I feel like I am doing all the right things in life and nothing is working

These examples and so much more can be worked with in our sessions together.

Resources to learn more about this healing style and if it's right for you.
The Body Deva

The Wisdom of Trauma
The Secret to Releasing Trauma from the Body
Childhood Trauma with Dr. Bruce Perry

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Book A Session

To book a session with me please use the contact box below and in a brief description, let me know what you'd like to work on

so I can intuit if I am the best practitioner for your needs.
*Sessions are available both locally and for those who live outside of Pensacola, Florida.*

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