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Sylvia Bringas is a Spiritual Practitioner with an emphasis on a bottom-up healing approach. Her fundamental healing principle is in asking, "what does this mean, where did it come from, and what can I learn from it?"


Sylvia helps you to navigate the complexities of our human nature and trauma by assisting you in reconnecting with your living wholeness — or body, mind, and spirit.


A healing session with Sylvia is body-centered. She works with the senses, and body sensations, to assist you in processing challenges you face in life.


"I reveled in books at a young age and spent a lot of my time outdoors. My interests, connection, and natural aptitude in nature, art, and myths captivated me. They imprinted within me perception and felt understanding that there is more to life than

what we perceive with our mind."

Sylvia's healing sessions are grounded in spiritual and shamanic modalities. As a trauma-informed practitioner, she helps you to unravel fears, overwhelm, self-doubt. In a busy world of living in our heads, she gently guides you in calling back your power and presence to experience the richness of living in harmony, within and without.

Where the mind and the body meet, we find freedom.

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