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uncovering the depth, chaos, and pleasure of our human experience through crypto art.

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Sylvia No. 1

Art teaches me.
One of the greatest lessons I feel like I have been learning in this life is that the opinions of others are merely thoughts.

They come, and they go.

Not everyone will like what I create, and some will pretend to. Others may not understand the depth from which my creation is born, and I am okay with that, too.

Day by day, I become more comfortable in my skin and what I have to offer the world.

And I fully, wholeheartedly believe this only comes from my willingness and desire to know myself.

Knowing myself means that I am learning to see the beauty within and the power I hold.

But It is also a process of looking and feeling into my limiting beliefs, conditionings, shortcomings, and failures with compassion, and instead of running away, I get to know them.

As I deepen my understanding and fully accept myself just as I am, mind, body, and spirit, my view of the world slowly become clear, eye open.

This is a self-portrait, titled Sylvia No. 1

Only fitting for my first piece of crypto art. And I went back and forth about posting it -because it's not quite right. And I find irony in this. Because no matter how I care for myself, I am imperfectly perfect too.

So here I am. You've got to pay to play.

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To your healing,